Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Crack Shack and beyond!

Friday night 10.23.09, found hi8us shooting toward Falmouth, MA on the Cape to play back at The Beach House. We were all psyched to play, and also looking forward to chilling at the Crack Shack after the show. The Crack Shack is the little Cape Cod-style bungalow located right next to the venue that the owner Pat lets us crash when we play his room. There is nothing in the Shack to really speak of, but conveniently, the living room does sport a huge projection TV and a college-apartment-style sectional couch. It's sort of surreal, but what more could we want?

The gig was super fun; the second set was better than the first from a playing perspective. As anticipated, we had a great time over at the Shack afterwards as well. As the evening gradually evolved into the morning, Mike and I were the last two standing during those wee hours. We split half of a chicken-parm calzone I brought as leftovers from my dinner Thursday night, and watched Giada make her version of Po-boy sandwiches and try out local Po-boys in the French Quarter down in New Orleans with all the neighbors. Oh incidentally, we will be playing down in NOLA during JazzFest on the first weekend of May this year. We are psyched for it. Check in for more details soon. The shots up to the right are from the infamous Crack Shack.

The next night 10.24.09 we were down in Norwalk CT at O’Neill’s. The place was packed, and the Yankees/Angels game got rained out… the perfect scenario for a band from Boston. The night turned out well and our Norwalk UMass contingent came out in force to get down with us. It was quite the special gig. Mike had this fine commentary so stylishly summarizing his experience in Norwalk that evening. My favorite part is when he starts back in with "you think the night is perfect." Enjoy.