Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back at it... SUCKA! (end of 2011 - June 2012)

Hey, It’s me, Jim, again. I am writing stuff again. It looks like hi8us has played about twenty or so dates since my last blogger. We did:

-Red Parka Pub in Glen, NH three times(6/3/11 4/6/12, 4/7/12),
-Captain Carlo’s in Gloucester twice (6/4/11, 9/16/11),
-The Beach House in Falmouth, MA four times (6/10/11, 7/9/11, 8/5/11, 10/28/11)
-The Perfect Wife in Manchester, VT four times (6/11/11, 8/26/11, 6/1/12, 6/2/12)
-Cape Ann Brewery in Gloucester, MA twice (7/8/11, 6/22/12)
-WFNX Downtown Crossing Block Party, Boston, MA thrice (7/14/11, 8/4/11, 9/1/11)
-The Land Ho in Orleans, MA thrice (7/16/11, 8/6/11, 6/23/12)
-Flavours in Lenox, MA once (10/21/11)
-The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA once (10/22/11)
-The Black Lobster in Salem, MA once (6/24/12)

Coming off a three date run this past weekend, I felt good about playing with the hi8us dudes again. Since our hi8us hiatus over the winter/spring months, I have been busy playing with a side project called The Darryl Strawberries, and writing material for a new recording project called Ranger Pool. Playing with some different folks and taking a different style-approach in my other projects has translated well to playing with hi8us again. It feels like everyone’s playing style has evolved a bit, actually, and bringing them all together again was fairly refreshing.

Here is a link to our show from this past Saturday at The Land Ho in Orleans, MA.  The recording is high quality and individually tracked.  Our good friend Chris McGilvray did a great job capturing this show and tracking it out.  Thanks again Chris!!

hi8us The Land Ho, Orleans, MA 6.23.12 (Sets I & II)

I cruised through my phone pics trying recreate a timeline of what we have done since my last blog. I came across these shots of our near death experience on Rt. 89 in VT, heading home from a weekend up in Burlington, VT. I was at the wheel of Precious, we were all still half-dead from a late night, the sun was out, and I think I had Pandora on The Books radio….tranquil. All of a sudden the front, driver-side tire blew, and I was jolted back to harsh reality. I was in the right-hand lane, and was immediately pulled into the passing lane by the physics involved with one of your wheels missing. Thankfully, there was no one passing us in that lane, cus that would have been ugly man! I was able to muscle Precious back over the breakdown lane, and there we waited for help for hours.

Max, Mike and I were on our own, and bonded on the side of the road until a tow truck showed up

We were encouraging the dude from the garage as he tried to get our rusty wheel off. Max was trying to help the guy, and Mike and I killed time being idiots. Anyway, we eventually got home.

Our First post-hiatus gigs were back up at the Red Parka in Glen, NH on the first weekend in April 2012. We had a two night run at this fine establishment, and were staying just down the street.

The gigs went really well, and we travelled up into the nearby White Mountain National Forest during the day between gigs to take in some naycha!

This one is a picture of Mike taking a picture of naycha. He is so good with that camera!!

This past weekend was a ton of fun. We played the Cape Ann Brewery to a good crew of our friends, and then shot to the Cape for a fun night at The Land Ho… where the room was packed, and our friend Chris brought his Hi-Fi audio rig to capture the sets. We stayed at the infamous Old Tavern Inn, and after-partied the shit out of the place. It was like GG-Allen meets Axl Rose post “The Spaghetti Incident” album. (I don’t know what that means)

We closed the weekend out with an afternoon gig at the Black Lobster in Salem, MA. The venue is right on the water, and legions of boaters would dock up and get busy in front of us. It was tit! For me, the highlight of the weekend was a few inspired versions of Spirits in the Night by the Boss.

Now that I inadequately have you back up to speed on what has been going on with us, I will pledge to let less time pass between posts, so that you don’t have to endlessly worry. Take care out there, and remember… its not the road you travel.