Monday, October 12, 2009

In Vermont… ya do what you want!

I got home from this weekend’s run of shows at about 7pm on Sunday night. Mike and I spent the afternoon driving back home through VT listening to Boston teams lose in their respective sports… first the Sox, then the Pats. Besides that, the whole weekend was a blast. Our first time at the Perfect Wife on 10.9.09 was excellent. This cool little tavern was filled with tons of nice folks that definitely enjoyed listening to music. We had a great group of folks that just returned from the Johnny Cash Festival down the road. They wanted to hear Johnny Cash tunes, so we played the closest thing we knew… Sex Machine. They loved it.

We stayed at Emerald Lake in East Dorset, VT for the weekend. We shot back to the campsite after the gig and set up in the dark. Max and Colin had arrived earlier, so they were just hanging out. After setting up, we enjoyed some quality time around the fire drinking beers and listening to scary ghost stories told by Max. Max gets so animated when building suspense as his story develops. He would even shine his flashlight in his face as he approached the climactic moment in each of his horrific tales! Unfortunately, time after time his stories were a huge let down and not really scary at all. We would all give Max a look of displeasure as each story ended, then start up another conversation. He would seem a little upset and was quiet for a while, but then would chime back in telling us he had another one that was definitely scary and it would make up for the last one. This was never the case. *

Saturday 10.10.09 we returned to the Two Brothers Tavern in Middlebury. The lounge was bustling and people were getting down all night. In navigating the fine line between hooking a crowd with a cover or two, and playing your kick-ass originals, this was a night when people were into the originals, so we played mostly our stuff. This is always a good sign for us. Also, I had meatloaf at the upstairs bar before the show. It was served to me by the bartender who was dressed in turn-of-the-century barkeep attire. I appreciated the attention to detail that he paid to his craft as he served my loaf of meat. It was a good loaf.

On the way home we stopped at Quechee Gorge to take a look down at this natural wonder. Mike was especially taken-aback by the Ottauquechee River flowing 165ft below Rt. 4. You can see his expression of disbelief in this picture.


*in reality Max is probably very scary when telling ghost stories; )