Saturday, August 23, 2008

14th & Euclid... or Thereabouts

A huge driving push put us in Jackson, Wyoming on Thursday morning. We rolled into town and met up with our old friend Zach. Zach let us make his place home today, then brought us down to his bar for some complimentary lunch and bloodies. Thanks Z!

A fine morning on the Teton Pass

Raka has tears of joy as he is reunited with his backpack after leaving it in San Diego a week earlier

We parted ways and headed up to the Granite Hot Springs for some dipping in nature’s version of the hot tub. After a day of relaxation in God’s Country, we shot down to the club, 43 North, and proceeded to get the party going.

Near Granite Hot Springs

We played a marathon show for the fine folks of Wyoming. After three sets of mayhem, we were finally spent and called it a show. We had a chance to catch up with some close friends and have a few too many shots at the bar. It was a nice cap to an excellent evening. With a solid trek ahead of us, we hit the road last night after the show to make it to Boulder for the show tonight.

43 North, at the base of Snow King Ski Resort in Jackson

We hit Boulder this morning, took Derek to the local clinic for an oil change, did some hanging out in the park, and took a dip in Boulder Creek. Well, some of us (me and Mike) slept. The show tonight was another surprisingly awesome one. We had a crew of lovely ladies that came out for their bachelorette party, based on the bride-to-be having an old hi8us bootleg that she was into. We played another three-set show which included doing car bombs with the bridal party mid-song during the 2nd set.

Rockin' Boulder for the final show of tour

I think I also ended up almost puking up the shot that Erin, behind the bar, gave me at the end of the night. She took the same shot. Erin can drink me under the table. It must have been the elevation. Boulder, CO... good times. Thanks!