Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cartoon Livin'... or Derek & The Dead?

After waking from the most comfortable of sleeping situations in days, I reconvened with the band this morning at Derek, who was parked, literally, at the intersection of Haight and Ashbury Streets. Everyone was feeling like a champ this morning. We all had a real breakfast in our guts, along with some excellent memories of night before at San Fransisco’s legendary Boom Boom Room.

Derek at Haight and Ashbury

Yesterday began with the group pulling into SF fairly early on in the afternoon. We rolled up to the club early to check out the room. There was a huge crowd of screaming fans lining the streets as we wrapped around the corner. Reporters crowded the sidewalk and TV cameras were rolling. We closed the window blinds for a little privacy as Derek rolled through the scene. It was crazy! Turns out the band Tokyo Hotel was playing at The Fillmore, which is right next door to the Boom Boom. They were doing a video shoot during the day, and had to know we were playing right next door. I don’t blame those guys for the slick scheduling to get a hi8us cameo into their shoot. It was smart of them. Next time though, honestly, all you guys have to do is talk to our people and we are happy to help out with these kinds of things. We all in the same gang, Tokyo!

The Boom Boom marquee

After an afternoon of chilling in Golden Gate Park, we hit a Korean BBQ across the street for dinner and then headed back to the club halfway through the opener’s set. Our boy, Bill Beninghof, layed out some eclectic sounds with his partner in crime, Frank Zeccola, in their duo called Devil’s Crumbs. These guys definitely represented and together we had an amazing night with a completely packed house. Everyone in the band was riding high last night after the show. We never expected the night to go off that big. A few of us hit up an excellent after-party at an apartment in the middle of the Haight late- night. It was an awesome time with a bunch of great folks hanging out. Today, everyone is a bit slow from a long night/morning, but definitely feeling good and ready to push on.

On-stage in San Francisco

A big thanks go out to my cousin Lauren, Teddy, Michelle, Bill, Frank, the Jens and Rodney for a killer time we will never forget. Alright, that’s what I got. Off to Jackson, WY.