Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring Tour 2010 (San Diego & Los Angeles 5.8 - 5.9.10)

Saturday afternoon we hit the highway and trekked across the desert towards the West Coast. I forgot to mention that heading into Vegas we made another pass by the Hoover Dam. A part of me felt bad that I had insisted we detour to the Dam back in 2008. I was convinced it was going to be the only time I would get to see that thing, and now here I was again, and it was right on our way this time. Oh well, the thing is still nuts, pal!
We rolled into the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego and pulled up to the club. Portugalia is a restaurant right downtown, and they had a decent setup for a show. We ate at the club, and the food was amazing. Mike ordered a pizza that made it back to the bus, and later on it was savored by all. I always hear bad things about west coast pie, but this thing was terrific. The gig was also great. This show was our first night with The Heavy Guilt as a full ensemble. The rest of the band was extra nice, and they pulled a huge crowd for their hometown show. hi8us had their own local fans in the room for our opener set, and we felt like we played it really well.
After the gig we made the call to shoot up to LA where we were playing the next night. We stayed with Sam’s buddy Joey and went out for a huge breakfast the next morning. After breakfast we went to our buddy Andrew’s up on the cliffs of Pacific Palisades. We chilled out at his place for the afternoon and decompressed a bit. Andrew’s backyard overlooks Santa Monica to the left and Malibu to the right. It felt like we were in a scene out of Entourage, except while we taking in the view we were doing our laundry in a coin operated washer/dryer downstairs. Whatever though, life was good. We were looking out on the Pacific. The Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier was off in the distance. Everyone was psyched to get to play our stuff in LA. In a town where you are competing with everyone and their brother for a crowd, we had our own little pocket of heads in the room. Dan Rockett played a solo opener set, then the Guilt, then us. The sound was great, and the vibe of the room was nice. Highlight of the night for me was my old school buddy Bill making it out for the show. Bill and I used to spend all of our time together playing whiffle ball in Keith Higgins’ driveway and bombing around on our little skies at Loon Mountain when our families went on February vacation together. Our families always remained close after Bill and his fam moved out to Wisconsin, but somehow he and I just never crossed paths again. After the gig we all hung out and caught up a little bit. It had literally been 20 years since I had seen my old friend, and the best part was that cool feeling of familiarity that was there immediately as we started talking. Bill is the man, and Los Angeles was good to hi8us this time around.

A big thanks to Bill, Mike, Yael, Andrew, Julie, Joey, Dan and Sam’s crew for coming out and feeling that east coast style for a night in the city of angels.