Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spring Tour 2010 (Santa Cruz 5.10.10)

After a night of bag shots and a solo camp out session within the comfy confines of Precious, on the streets of LA, I woke to the dudes arriving back at the vehicle. We began our long trek up to Santa Cruz.
The gig at Don Quioxtes was thinly attended to say the least, but Jackson behind the board was extra friendly, and ran a great stage. After the gig we shot to the campground at Big Basin and settled for the night at our most perfect campsite amongst the Redwoods. We woke to these giants towering over our site. The feeling of having such huge trees all around you is one of a kind. The serenity of those dense woods makes the whole mood something unique. I felt like at any moment storm troopers were going to come whizzing by me on speeder bikes with that eerie “whooomm” sound following behind. It never happened, and I didn’t have a light saber to cut off the stabilizer front end thing on the front of the speeder should one have happened to approach me.
Maxi enjoyed some time making a fire in the morning while we enjoyed some breakfast IPAs, and then we took the official tour of forest.
The Mother of the Forest is a 330ft Redwood and was the tallest tree in the area. These big trees also made me think back to my childhood book Merrill the High Flying Squirrel. Merrill was a little squirrel that enjoyed climbing about the trees, as most squirrels do. Then one day he ended up cruising up to northern California and all of a sudden he stumbled upon these huge Redwoods and he couldn’t believe what he had been missing. Merrill was pumped about the Redwoods.

A lot more happened in the book, but that was a long time ago for me. A good read though… check it out.