Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strangefolk & The Van of Destiny (3.19.10)

This past Friday night we were psyched to be invited back to play an opening set for Strangefolk during their annual Boston Throwdown Weekend at The Hard Rock in Boston. We took the stage early and played a relatively mellow set. A bunch of our old school UMass fans/friends made it out for the show. We all had a blast, and the mix was sweet. I did an audience recording of the show, and we listened to it as a band while we were working on the “Van of Destiny” up at Maxi’s dad’s workshop in Salem, MA this past Wednesday. We were happy we didn’t race through our set, which you can tend to do when you have limited time in an opening slot. It was high fives all around for the boys in the hi8us camp!

Speaking of the Van of Destiny, we are heading out on the road at the beginning of May, and we will be cruising the USA in our custom-built vehicle. Maxi hooked up this crazy cool vehicle, and has done some masterful construction on the inside to make it tour worthy. It has been fun pouring some sweat into getting this thing ready for highway miles. All the guys in the band have pitched in getting the van in shape. We have peeled old decals from the sides, cut and installed windows in the fiberglass walls of the cabin, even built bunks and a couch in the interior. The thing is truly amazing, and a wet dream come true for anyone who has ever played in a band and wanted to tour.

hi8us will start its spring tour down in New Orleans during the 2nd weekend of JazzFest. We are playing an awesome Crawfish Boil Party down there that we did back in 2005. It was one of the coolest things I have ever been to. After that we will check out a ton of music for the rest of the weekend, then we hit the road and head west for the next two weeks playing a ton of shows. Can’t wait! See you out there.



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