Friday, March 26, 2010

More Pieces!!!!! 3.12, 3.13.10 Berkshires and Vermont once again.

The March show schedule started out with a return to the Berkshires. Chin has moved shop from Lenox to Pittsfield with his excellent restaurant/bar, Flavours, and we have followed accordingly. We played his new room for the first time as “HIS” room a few Fridays ago, 3.12.10. We had actually played the venue a bunch in the past under old ownership. Chin has certainly made vast improvements! Our good buddy Jon Denmark played a solo opener set that everyone loved to start things off. A bunch of friends in the area came out for the show, and we all had supah fun. We crashed at Dan Double D’s place in town, and reconvened for breakfast the next morning before heading north to Middlebury, VT.

Traveling to VT, we were optimistic that this would be the time that we would break Two Brothers Tavern. The date was Saturday, 3.13.10. This venue is a low-lit basement lounge with brick walls, leather couches, even a black felt pool table… the perfect setting to get into it and put on a real cool bar rock show. The only problem is we have had has been pulling a good crowd on the nights we play there. No one in the back woods of Vermont knows who we are, so the room has been thin on occasion during past performances. Thankfully, this time was a charm, and as we finished up our first set, the basement started to fill up with a nice mob of heads. By the 2nd set, we had a full-on dance party happening. Our new batch of hi8us stickers were being displayed on the jean-butt pockets of some of our newly acquired fans, and the vibe in the room undoubtedly told us that we were at a point where we could do no wrong. We ended the night feeling like champs, and crashed at a motel in Rutland. With everyone feeling good, we had a little after-hours celebration which consisted of beers, thanks and Reese’s Pieces. Mike couldn’t get enough.