Monday, June 27, 2011

Feb Thru April 2011 Shows Ramblings...

By my account, hi8us has played 8 shows since my last blogger dogger. Looking back on these shows, there were some killer sets, and some excellent experiences. A big thanks to all of our great friends and fans that rallied out for these shows. I have tried to pull together any pics I could find from them. Anyway, here is the rundown. Please enjoy.

We played the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA on Friday, February 11, 2011 with John Doney and Grand 27. That show was excellent. Grand 27 covered “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies. Loved it!

We did a short set at The Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA on Sat. February 26th. This is a pure rock club, and we really did rock it on this night. We opened for a band called The Bammies. One of the bands on the bill made a poster for the show with our name on it that had a picture of a women’s big naked butt bent over on the front. Classy! The poster remains in our tour bus as a fond memory of that evening.

We played yet again up at Red Square in Burlington, VT on Sat. March 12th. The show was real cool. Hellah cool if you are in CA.

hi8us made their debut appearance at Above The Notch at Cannon Ski Area on Friday March 18th. Our buddy Mike Bloch, affectionately known as NUKE, made the trip with us. We had a blast.

This place was like an alternate universe. It seemed like no rules applied. They gave us tons of free food, anything we wanted to drink, we could play for however long we wanted in their excellent room, two free hotel rooms, and after they closed the owner brought us into the cooler and made us all root beer float shots in these plastic shot glasses designed specifically for root beer float shots. It was whacky.

The night capped off when we returned to our hotel rooms. hi8us had two rooms, separated by one in between. We got back and relaxed with a few more drinks before settling down for the night. As we finally got comfortably prepared to fall asleep, the silence of the evening in the mountains of NH was interrupted by the occupants of the room separating the two hi8us rooms. We are not exactly sure what went on in this middle room that night, but the next morning as us hi8us dudes reconvened from our respective hotel rooms, we all came to the logical conclusion that the middle room occupants must have had exercise equipment in there, and after a night of drinking, they realized that they fell off their workout schedule, and needed to make up for it with a very loud intense exercise workout session before bed. Those NH’rs, so disciplined. We all found beautiful irony in the fact that the rock band was trying to sleep on either side of this mess. God bless em’!

Friday April 8th had us back down at The Beach House in Falmouth, MA for another go-around at this excellent venue. Pat took care of us proper, and we all hung out after the gig in Precious. Pat was kind enough to let us plug into the side of the Beach House and crash in AC comfort for the night. Thanks Pat!

Thursday, April 14th we were back at The Lucky Dog in Worcester opening for The Flock of Assholes. These guys are the BEST 80’s cover band you will ever find. They play deep cut 80’s songs to perfection. Definitely check them out if you hear they are playing near you. They are rad.

We were back at Red Square in Burlington VT on April 16th. Again, it was awesome.

On Friday, April 29th, we played our first show at the new Cape Ann Brewpub in Gloucester, MA. These guys just got an entertainment license for their new place, and we were one of the first bands in there. A big crew of friends and hi8us fans made it out for this one. I had the beer battered fish and chips before we played. It was amazing!!... best I can ever remember having. We played all night, and enjoyed Fisherman’s beer the whole time. It was a great time. Looking forward to playing there again real soon… I think in July. This was the unofficial kickoff show for our East Coast tour as well.

During this window of shows, Mike and I made it into the studio once again to lay some vocal tracks for a bunch studio versions of some newer material. Clearly we were inspired. Hope to have those to you soon!!



freedom said...

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Yeah, that performance in Lizard Lounge wa awesome! We wer there with my friends. We greatly enjoyed.

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