Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Osyrusfest, Coatesville, PA (6.11 - 6.13.10)

After a gig at The Farm in Essex Vermont the previous Friday, the weekend of the highly anticipated Ofest had finally come. Our bus “Precious” and the band, sans Mike, who had to work Friday, made the trip down to Coatesville, PA for this annual party in the woods. Mike would follow later on that night to join up with us for our set on Saturday evening. Our friend Preston and his brother Paul own and run a high end concert lighting business and put on Ofest each year so they can showcase their skills and have a big party for their extended network of friends. The small festival has an amazing vibe. Everyone that attends has heard about the event through word of mouth, and the capacity is capped at 300 people. We were excited to be asked to play this year, and went down a day early to take in the event and party with our friends who were also going. Our buddy Tommy contributed beer for the fest, and came with hi8us in Precious along with a bunch of beer.
We arrived to find a sweet little oasis within the rolling farmland of Amish-country PA. As you roll in you see a high cliff off to the right, and a full-on concert stage just below. Off to the far off left sits the schoolhouse which has been strategically lit to provide the most pimp backdrop to the festival once the sun goes down each night. The renovated schoolhouse sports a little patio area off to the left where the food for the fest was centralized. At the nucleus of this little area stands a field stone, wood fired grill that runs 24 hours a day for the entirety of the fest.
Our set at the festival got cut short due to threatening rain just as we were really starting to get going Saturday night, but the overall enjoyment of the weekend made our lack of time on the stage sting a little bit less. The highlights of the weekend for me were the beer tasting summit that took place of Saturday afternoon. I tried about 25 samples of beer I had never even heard of. The highlight was a stout known as The Abyss. I need to look it up, but it was so smooth and tasted like a milk shake made by the devil… in a good way; ) Also, after our abbreviated set, I dropped about 5 pounds of Bob’s Ah-So Marinated Steak tips on the grill, and sent the scent of sweet cow-flesh heaven across the field of hippies. Like Yogi being drawn to a pick-a-nick basket, folks gravitated towards the grill and a fortunate few experienced the sacrament of Ah-So. A second late-night 5 pound batch was dropped at about 3am that night, and all hell broke loose once again. I felt like I made my mark at this festival more at the grill than I did on the stage, and I am okay with that. Sometimes you take what is dealt to you. This time around it was a piping hot BBQ, and about 10 pounds of premium beef I had in tow with me. Thanks to Preston and Paul for a great time. Viva Ofest!



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