Monday, February 8, 2010

On Cape for the weekend... kid!

Playing Cape Cod in the off-season is quite an experience. hi8us spent the weekend of Jan 22 -23 down Cape playing and chilling out. Friday night we hit Tommy Doyle’s in Hyannis and opened up for Tripl3Crown, the local 3-piece headliner. The crowd was pretty thin the whole night, but we all had a blast. We were pretty happy with our set, and loved Tripl3Crown’s set as well. The dudes in the band were on the level, and we all hung out for each other’s sets. They have great original material, and totally nailed their cover of Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein. It was excellent.

After the gig Friday we shot to Orleans where we were playing The Land Ho! the next night. We set up camp at The Olde Tavern Inn where we always stay when we play “The Ho.” Brandon, the owner, was there late-night to check us in for our two-night stay. He knows us by now, and we all caught up a bit. The next morning we ventured down Cape to P-town for some sightseeing. On the way we stopped off at a bunch of beaches and scenic spots to take in the off-season solitude of the outer Cape during these winter months. It was cold as a mother that morning, but the sky was clear blue, and the clean ocean air was perfect for awakening the senses after a long night.

We hit JoMama’s for coffee, then Coast Guard Beach and then The Marconi Site. The Marconi Site marks the location of the first transatlantic radio signal to be sent from the US across the Atlantic. The year was 1903, and it was right around this time of year. We were late by about 107 years to the day to witness this feat first hand. ;) My dad used to always trek the family to The Marconi Site when I was little and on vacation on the Cape. Also, my dad can send 20+ words a minute in Morse code, which is the Morse code equivalent of being able to run a sub 5-minute mile. Yeah Pop! We arrived in P-town, and had some lunch at a place on the main drag. I had been talking about lobster bisque earlier, and it was the soup of the day, so I went for it… and it was good.

That night we set up at The Ho and played to a surprisingly packed, lively, room. The night was a ton of fun, and we raged The Olde Tavern for a second night after the show. We had a few Cape fans that made the weekend run of hi8us shows, so we were psyched about it. Highlight hi8us fan sightings were our old friends Joe Mullet and Jamie. Good times on the Cape, pal! C-ya!