Monday, January 25, 2010

Red Square... I know you're giving me the stare!

After getting snowed out the previous weekend in Maine, we were able to make the trek up to Burlington, VT on Sat. 1.9.10 to play music at Red Square. The night was awesome, and we were psyched to have our MC sit-in, Adam Foss, along for the ride. He made friends with Hyle at the bar, and even stepped up to the mic a few times for some of our favorites during the show. The night was super fun, and the only downer of the whole trip was listening to the Pats get destroyed by the Ravens in round one of the playoffs during the ride home…

Oh, and when we got back to the hotel late night, some of our beers had frozen, as we left them out back to chill. Oddly enough, some did not freeze. We chose to drink the not-frozen ones first, then by the time those were gone, the previously frozen beers had thawed, so we then drank those. So, it actually worked out famously! It still stinks that the Pats lost though. See ya!