Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Skyscrapers... and Everything! The Bitter End 12.21.09

In the footsteps of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and even… Lady Gaga, hi8us made their debut at The Bitter End in NYC this past Saturday, 12.21.09. The show was super fun, and we had a nice crowd despite the royal dump session of snow that came down along the East Coast that night. We battled crazy conditions to and from the city. Staying with hi8us tradition, we shot down to the West Village Saturday afternoon, played 'til the wee AM hours, then packed up and split home. I hit the Commonwealth around 9am the next day, after near blizzard conditions traveling at a steady 40mph and a brief nappy nap at a rest stop somewhere on I-84 in CT.

Thinking back on the gig, it was especially cool. Camp Rakusin came out in force and made the night special. We were psyched with the sound and the other bands on the bill were super nice and had some cool sounds. I remember rolling through Times Square and looking up at those crazy lights. It's cool to have that realization that you are pretty much smack in the center of civilization when you are there. That little intersection in the world makes you feel pretty tiny. So many big events that the rest of the world focuses on happen right around those few blocks in that big city. As I looked up at those big lights and all the people around me, I thought of Regis Philbin… don’t ask me why.



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