Saturday, August 16, 2008

Derek at the Dam... Damn!

It’s about 11:15am. There is a nice man from the Pacific Shores Inn at our door looking at me right now as I sit here on my hotel bed typing. He is asking me to get out, as checkout was 15 minutes ago. I am telling him that we are just packing up and will be out of here shortly. Given the even tone of his voice, I figure we have at least another half an hour before he gets Johnny Leg-Breaker in here to crack some hi8us heads.

We are currently in the central coast town of Morro Bay, CA. After hitting Vegas, we shot down to San Diego for a show. En route to SD, we made a detour to The Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam is something else. Seeing this structure in person is truly awe-inspiring. It is amazing that this beast was built in the 1930s. I was the only one who wanted to go to the Hoover Dam, btw. Everyone in the bus disliked me for the entirety of the detour. The reality is that they will all look back on this tour and thank me when they think about the fact that they have seen the Hoover Dam in person. To this I say. “You guys are welcome in advance. It was truly my pleasure.” ;)

Derek overlooks the Colorado River, near the Hoover Dam

Down in San Diego, we played in the Ocean Beach section of town. It was awesome. We hit up the showers on the beach before the show. Keyboard Mike put on a lovely spectacle for all the locals. Then, after a few fish tacos at South Beach, we headed back to Winston’s and rocked out hard. The San Diego crowd is of the finest this nation has to offer. It was great to see some old friends and make some new ones down there. After a short post-show chill-out session, we hit the road again and began our trip north up the coast. It was my turn at the helm. Derek, Keyboard Mike and I made tracks through the night and found ourselves here in Morro Bay at about 10am yesterday morning.

View of Morro Rock from our motel room

A power nap and a tri-tip sandwich later, we were at the Otter Rock Café setting up for what would be one of our best nights thus far. The crowd in this coastal town seems to be in on some secret that the rest of us are missing. Everything you could want exists in Morro Bay, folks. It is a hidden treasure. A room full of fun, music-minded folks made this a night we will not soon forget. Jamie and the Otter Rock crew treated the band right while we were in town. Scott and Lauren and the rest of our new local friends had the band back to their place for some late night enjoyment that capped off an excellent Friday night on the left coast.

The Otter Rock Cafe in Morro Bay